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100s of senior leaders through the program.

๐Ÿš€ Grateful for an enriching AI/ML bootcamp with MitraRobot! ๐Ÿค–๐Ÿ’ก Kudos to Arvind Nagaraj and Balaji Viswanathan for simplifying complex concepts and fostering collaboration.
Amit Bhatnagar
Ex-Microsoft, Ex-Accenture
Thank you Mitra Robot and @Dr.Balaji Vishwanathan for awesome training bootcamp. Learnt a lot during this. Appreciated.
Chinmay Atavale
AI Cloud Architect, TCS
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Tailored for Aspiring Innovators and Future Leaders in AI.

Dive into the world of AI with our specially designed program, led by our cofounders who bring years of experience from working with top organizations like Microsoft and the World Bank. This program isn't just about learning AI technologiesโ€”it's about understanding how AI can be applied to real-world problems. Whether you're aiming to innovate in new spaces or planning to revolutionize existing industries, our program offers the foundation you need to start making an impact with AI.

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About Mitra Robot

We are a leading robotics company that has built for world's top organizations.

We are bringing the same power to young leaders like you. We want a part in your great journey. Let's learn AI and robotics in a fun way.

Explore the Core of our Program

Dive Into AI: Learn, Build, and Innovate with Practical Projects

Python Coding Foundations

Master the basics of Python, the language of AI. Start from the fundamentals and work up to complex problem-solving techniques.

Building AI Applications

Learn how to apply Python skills to build real AI applications, including smart games that challenge and entertain.

AI in Gaming

Explore the thrilling world of AI in gaming. Develop intelligent game systems and learn how AI enhances gaming experiences.

Understanding AI Implications

Gain insights into how AI impacts society, understand ethical considerations, and discuss the future possibilities of AI technologies.

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