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Intensive 2-day bootcamp focused on enterprise AI tools and techniques. Learn from experts in the field and build your first AI prototype. Limited spots available - sign up today!

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100s of senior leaders through the program.

πŸš€ Grateful for an enriching AI/ML bootcamp with MitraRobot! πŸ€–πŸ’‘ Kudos to Arvind Nagaraj and Balaji Viswanathan for simplifying complex concepts and fostering collaboration.
Amit Bhatnagar
Ex-Microsoft, Ex-Accenture
Thank you Mitra Robot and @Dr.Balaji Vishwanathan for awesome training bootcamp. Learnt a lot during this. Appreciated.
Chinmay Atavale
AI Cloud Architect, TCS
Why learn from us?

Focused on leaders and executives who will implement AI.

Our unique program is designed and taught by our cofounders who spent decades in the AI field including working organizations such as the Microsoft and World Bank. We have setup AI practice for dozens of global corporations and we want to bring that practical experience in this unique program.

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Next bootcamp dates:
July 19-21 (Level 1: Essentials)
July 26-28 (Level 2: Practitioner)
Aug 16-18 (Level 1: Essentials)
Aug 23-25 (Level 2: Practitioner)

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Key Components of our program.

Intensive bootcamp centered on practical deployments from practioners of the field.

Building and deploying LLM Applications.

Dive deep into best practices as we build and deploy a range of essential interfaces from scratch. These interfaces are immediately usable by your enterprise, optimizing your LLM application development.

Developing Key Metrics for AI Alignment.

We focus on constructing critical metrics and innovative ideas to ensure your AI applications meet enterprise requirements. This module is designed to integrate state-of-the-art AI with your business needs effectively.

Advancing Enterprise AI Beyond Language.

Explore how to create cutting-edge prediction, recommendation, and classification algorithms that go beyond language-focused AI. This session aims to broaden the scope of AI applications within the enterprise environment.

Security, access control and AI governance.

Learn the best practices for deploying AI applications safely without compromising your company's security. This includes strategies for access control, robust security measures, and effective governance.

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