Engage your guests like never before.

The Mitra can recognise your guests with face recognition and engage them in conversations while alerting the hosts of guest arrival.

It can also automate a variety of things at your lobby that both decreases the operations cost and improves the customer experience.

Jump on to the future

With the ability to move around on its own, recognise people from their faces and the ability to converse with them, you can build a range of new interfaces on top of the Mitra.

The Mitra packs a range of functionality to help you provide contextual help to your customers.

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With Mitra’s AI capabilities you can understand more about your customers and engage them better leading to better sales and customer satisfaction. Unlike humans the robots maintain context across your different locations and provide a patient service.

At a time when humans become like robots, we bring back humanity through robots.

Join the celebrities

Mitra has thrilled some of the biggest leaders and celebrities of the world.

Key elements of the Mitra

The Mitra packs a range of AI features that would enable your customer interactions to be contextual and data centric.

Customer Interaction in Banks

As banks provide 1000s of different products and services, your existing kiosks and apps won’t cut it. Mitra would use its speech technology and context to provide assistance to customers on 1000s of product categories.

Guest engagement in Retails

Your high margin products often require assistance and users need better guidance in their purchase. The robot can move around the store and provide the human touch with relevance.

Patient engagement in hospitals

Mitra could integrate with a variety of third party applications in telemedicine and sensor data collection to provide health diagnosis anywhere.

Patron engagement in restaurants

What if your waiter anywhere in the world knows your dietary preferences and always surprise you with something new.

Now you can rent it too.

Turbocharge your events

We do a range of corporate events and have done 75+ events in 3 continents. Now, you can join the A-list too by engaging the Mitra.

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Covered in media around the world

The Mitra has extensively appeared in the media and have won numerous honours in its short lifespan.

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Models Available

We sell two different models depending on your requirements.



This Is One Amazing Robot

It can take your customer engagement to a whole new level.

Some of our customers

Our customers represent the best in their industry. You could join the elite group too.

The future is here. Start your journey.

Get your organisation ahead of the curve with the Mitra Robot.

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