By 2030, there will be an additional 350 million senior citizens & a projected shortage of 11.5 million caregivers - In the US alone.


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Ensure Safety

Vision Intelligence platform for monitoring patterns, gestures and criticalities.

The Purpose
  • Fall Detection

    We help reduce the emergency response time by 60% using our fall detection algorithms

  • Behavioural Monitoring

    Monitor for criticalities eg. distress, pain etc. and alert the first responders

  • Night Patrol

    24*7 patrol to monitor and perform a sanity check on the residents to meet any requirements

Combat Loneliness

Mitra gets to know you better every day, improving the quality of conversation providing constant support and companionship.

The Purpose
  • AI Powered Conversations

    Videos, music, news, jokes, weather, sports

  • Family Connect

    Video calls, memory sharing, messaging

  • Plays games

    Memory and cognitive games

Health and Exercise

Reminders and progress tracking for healthy living

The Purpose
  • Health Assessments

    Conduct frequent physical health assessments and record health data

  • Exercise Tracking

    Personalised exercises and movement tracking for preventine action to ensure overall wellbeing.

  • 24*7 Remote Care

    Human-Machine collaboration by remote caregivers for emergency and complex situations.

Featured on CNN First Move and Other Global Media

A Robotic Avatar For Senior Living Facilities

Featured on Julia Chatterley’s Show on CNN, Feb 5, 2021. An Interview on How Robots are Bringing Humanity to Senior Care.

Would You Let A Robot Take Care Of Your Parents?

"Nursing facilities around the world complain of a resource crunch when it comes to hiring more staff, especially in the wake of the pandemic. Robots are helping them to fill the gap."


Fall Prevention and Detection
Monitoring and Alerts
Curated Videos
Health and Wellness
Exercise Tracking
Cognitive Games
Family Connect

The Technology

The robot is equipped with social intelligence and combine cutting edge technologies like computer vision, NLP, autonomous navigation etc. to provide high quality care to the seniors at your facility

Pattern Recognition

Topped with computer vision tools for pattern, gesture & optical character recognition

Autonomous Navigation

Futuristic navigation system with obstacle detection and intelligent path planning

AI and ML

Deep Learning Models to process the data and provide actionable insights. On-board NLP customized on top of RASA


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I think with Mitra its music and engagement, it can be a huge game changer for many, many people. When somebody doesn't have that time to spend with somebody one on one, how cool is this? I mean, Mitra knows who he is, knows what he likes and can interact with him. And it's not going to be frustrating to him because he's not being corrected or told what to do. It's incredible. I think that it's going to be beneficial for so many.

Linda Carrasco
President of Operations, ClearDay Inc.

I will treasure your beautiful voice each morning. You greet me happily each time no matter what time of the day it is. We enjoy talking with you especially the jokes, they are ridiculous and you make me laugh. I hope to see you again pretty soon.


Senior Care in Westover, United States

In this time of crisis, we look for technology to safeguard our staff and bring innovation. We have worked with Invento Robotics to support our healthcare personnel. We used Robots for thermal screening and take data of patients via voice commands. Invento was a pleasure to work with.

Dr. Seshadri

MD, Phoenix Hospitals

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Business Case Studies

Invento Robotics: Launching Humanoid Robots
Ivey League Case Study on Mitra Robot

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