“Going global” isn’t a catchy phrase at all,since every organization these days is stepping into international market. Going global is more about state of mind that helps one fine tune leadership strategies and decision making in context of global awareness.

We have been a part of Customer Electronics Show 2019, Las Vegas. C.E.S brought us the right network, strong leads and third position in “techstars innovative robotics competition” 

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Our leads flow in from various parts of world , to emphasize Paris, Kuwait, Sri Lanka and Riyadh. We have already been in talks on introducing Arabic and Sinhalese in Mitra robot to make it  adaptable to cultural style preferences of the regions.

Why World AI show?

With Dubai as our prime focus, World AI show organized by Trescon is a priority to exhibit and network in.The event spanning over 24th and 25th March has prestigious sponsors like NITI Aayog, Fintech valley Vizag, Dubai Economy, Government of Maharashtra.As the name suggests, the event would revolve around usage of AI in various sectors, to name a few

  • Healthcare
  • Law enforcement
  • Customer experience
  • Banking and finance
  • Traffic Management
  • Future of work and workplaces

The event brings up opportunities not only for entrepreneurs but for the government, investors and solution providers to.


Mitra at World AI Show

Mitra 3.0, our latest model would at World AI Show and exhibit its core features
1.Face recognition : Recognizing visitors on their consequent visits
2.Natural Language Processing : Responding to the queries with use of text-to-speech and speech-to-text engine.
3.QR code scanning : Scanning the code and displaying the corresponding object and the details.
4.Object recognition : Recognizing the object scanned.

With all the preparation in place, we are at edge of our seats for the exploration this event would bring in.

Apart from aforementioned ,what do you the think are the other key sectors that can be revolutionized by AI?

Drop your ideas in comments!