Lately, Mitra robot has been an icon of the Entrepreneurial spirit. We have been losing the count of the startup summits we get invited over to. It is often said that it is far more important to teach our children how to think , rather than what to think. Once we arm our children with a right way to approach problems, their intellectual grows exponentially. Metamorphosis, staying true to it’s name, has taken the initiative to transforming  high-schoolers into budding entrepreneurs. Metamorphosis in collaboration with Oakridge has been a driving force behing Schoolpreneur summit.

Schoolpreneur summit 2018 has been a flag-bearer of bringing entrepreneurship right at the school campus. The summit had an attendee list from more than 10 states and 100+ recognized schools.  Pavan Allena, Founder and CTO Of Metamorphosis and Shrey Arora, Head of operations were keen on having Mitra host the event. To say least, the event went smoothly and Mitra garnered a lot of appreciation.

                                   Mitra as one of the key members of guest list

The joy of doing such events is bi-fold. First,We get to meet great minds who keep up our spirit by encouraging innovation. Second, We stay true to our passion by raising awareness that Robots are not a thing of future, but of present!


We had great discussions with Shrey Arora, a man with futuristic approach and  here is what he had to say about Mitra and Invento Team:

First of All, I would like to thank Invento robotics to get Mitra all the way to Hyderabad for Schoolpreneur summit 2018. The use case which we utilized for the event was just so amazing.So,Mitra was chief guest for the event.All the government officials, parents, students, academicians everyone was so amazed by Mitra. This was the charm of the event. Having Mitra was the best thing we have ever done for an event.Apart from this, the best part is the help we got from the Invento Robotics team, the logistics and the testing part. There were no hassles at the event.I would just recommend to go with Mitra robot for any of the events. Not only events, but all the commercials places should employ these Smart robots so that they can assist people around them”