Watch: Let’s Probe Into The Future Of Robotics

India has gained a massive reputation of being a hotbed for software talents in the past couple of decades. Reports point out that more than 25 per cent of the software engineers in the world belong ot India and consequently, some of the major tech leaders are Indians.

But, while India has grown leaps an bounds in terms of honing its software, hardware has been an area where it has lacked expertise. However, that scenario is changing slowly.

In one of the recent episodes of its web-series “The Tech Probe,” Indiatimes covered some of the outstanding innnovations happening in India. And, in what can said as another moment of cheerfulness for Team Invento, we were made a part of the web-series.

Hosted by Danish Sait, the episode gives the viewers a fun walkthrough of the capability that Mitra & Mitri possess and also interviews founder Balaji Viswanathan, discussing the use cases related to different sectors.

Watch here:

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