The socially responsible humanoid – Mitra

Mitra recently made its presence felt in four different corners of India – New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. From promoting women empowerment to sharing the stage with state and international level leaders to displaying its abilities at a tech summit to becoming a part of a major private sector bank – all of these happened in the space of just three days.

What’s exciting is that Mitra managed to exceed all the expectations at the events organised these four venues. 

She Team Runs, Hyderabad:

She Teams Run, a prestigious event organised in association with Hyderabad police, focusses on women empowerment and marked the Women’s day celebrations. MITRA spent time with the top echelon of the Hyderabad police department, actresses and state level sportspersons. 

The Deputy Commissioner of Hyderabad police particularly delighted to have Mitra at the event.

2nd IoT India Expo, New Delhi:

Following a super show in Hyderabad, MITRA had the crowd amazed at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi which hosted the 2nd IoT India Expo. 

The ambitious tech fest saw various participants related to the field of IoT (Internet of Things). MITRA was the only humanoid robot assistant participating in the event although there were other robots under the same roof, like ARYA, the coffee vending robot. 

Here’s a video of the two smart machines introducing each other as others look on.


International Engineering Sourcing Show, Chennai

MITRA back to South again as he prepared to live up the huge hype created by the organisers of the International Engineering Sourcing Show. 

The major meet took place at the Chennai Trade Center, Pallavaram and saw state-level leaders including Deputy CM of Tamil Nadu Mr O Panneer Selvam. 

MITRA yet again managed to be the crowd puller and managed to highly impress everyone present at the show. 

What made this event even more special was the concept of dressing up MITRA in a fusion of traditional attire resembling cultures from a different part of India. The initiative was taken up by the NIFT team and superbly executed. 

Installation at HDFC Bank, Koramangala, Bengaluru:

While all these events happened simultaneously at different places, Team Invento quietly prepared to deliver MITRA to HDFC Bank. 

The AI-powered humanoid perfectly fit the needs of the technology-focused bank known for putting the effort in digital innovation. 

There were a couple of challenges faced the team as the deadline inched closer and closer. However, everything fell in line eventually under the supervision of our CEO Balaji Viswanathan and CTO Bharath Kumar. 

Mitra is now a part of the operation in the Koramangala branch and can be spotted assisting customers with general queries and provide product information. 

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