What comes to your mind when you hear Artificial Intelligence(AI)?

For non-technicals, AI seems like a high-end technology very few superbrains use dabble into. The reality couldn’t be farther from it, whether you are a school going kid or a doctor, you are using AI. Our routines are permeated by AI. Here are a few examples:

Social Media: Every morning when we check our social media accounts we come in contact with AI. The content is curated based on the previous behaviours and interactions. Facebook uses face-detection for the tag features. Snapchat uses Personalization has made social media the proverbial we can’t stop munching on.

Entertainment: The black hole of entertainment aka Netflix uses AI to tailor different trailers of the same show as per the audience preferences. Spotify, a music streaming platform gives the best recommendations based on song choices making it one of most sought music recommendation platforms.

Travel: For navigation-disabled people like me, Google maps are a godsend. The real-time data of traffic at any point is calculated through interpreting a lot of data points. If you are booking an Uber or Ola, both the pricing and the car that matches your ride request is decided by AI.

Retail: E-commerce titan Amazon uses AI algorithms to predict and suggest products to the audience, making buying seamless and quick.

Personal assistants: Siri, Cortana and Google now are personal assistants that bring the information we need at our fingertips.

Artificial intelligence has become a companion we look up to for making everyday decisions. It is inexpensive and easily accessible and brings a promise of making our everyday life smarter and better.