Terrible wordplay, eh?

I remember Mr.Sundar Pichai unveiling Google Duplex feature booking appointments and my introvert friends going completely crazy over it. Apparently, introverts don’t mind being judged by voice assistants. Not just informative but they are witty too, which makes the conversations unending and more human.The hilarious video of Alexa ranting about users asking her to play despacito repeatedly, caught on internet for a while.

Though, voice assistants have become a next door thing. There are still a handful of issues they get stuck with:

  1. With a larger target market with diverse demands, it becomes difficult to gauge how the users will interact with the product.Language barriers and understanding accents is another setback with voice assistants. The video shows Alexa having trouble understanding the Scottish accent.

2.The other challenge is the abilty of voice assistants to integrate with new devices . For example,the Apple HomePod does not play Google Music, and the Amazon Echo does not have iTunes.With the advent of technology, the syncing issue would only bevome more grave.

3. Though Voice assistants have made banking easier, the data security remains to be an important question. You can ask alexa to pay the bills, tell you about your bank balance.Regional banking giant U.S. Bank is the first bank to be on all three services — Alexa, Siri and Assistant. The potential problem that lies is here, if the user voices are recorded, manipulated and replayed.

4. Several consumer groups and governments have raised the potential privacy issues with interactive smart devices due to their
numerous microphones and in some cases cameras. Data security also remains a concern for consumers,
particularly as devices collect rising levels of personal information, including health information, schedules,
and contact data.

Voice assistants can be a brilliant one stop solution for our needs and simplifying our everyday life, if these issues are sorted.