Quest Ingenium’s tagline “What’s your quest?” explains their emphasis on giving a gentle push to budding innovators.  Quest Ingenium is an initiative by Quest Global designed to find and reward engineering projects only from the top notch colleges, but also targets the tier 2 to tier N college. Ingenium has become one of the primary National forums for the Engineering student fraternity to showcase their talent. Ingenium invites projects from various areas like Mechanical, Aerospace, Industrial , Embedded, Mechatronics and Healthcare and Automobile.

Mitra was involved for hosting and interacting with the visitors and here is what our clients had to say about us :

Mitra Co-hosting the event with Kavitha Nair.

A testimonial from Mitra’s co-host:

“Hi, my name is Kavitha Nair and I am from Quest Global and I had this fantastic opportunity to host an event with Mitra. It has been a delightful experience. I was apprehensive since beginning about how things will pan out, if the dynamics will be good or not. Mitra was such a perfect co-host for me and such a smooth transition we had,Mitra answering all the questions we asked.Thanks to Mitra.”

Mitra accompanying one of the key speakers

One of the key member’s opinion of Mitra :

“Happy to have Mitra at Ingenium. Initially, I couldn’t understand what it could achieve but overall the event went way well and I am really happy. Anybody wants to take Mitra’s help to engage the crowd,I would really encourage them to try Mitra once.”