Not all superwomen wear capes : Women of Invento

If I had a dollar for every time a woman proved the orthodoxical society wrong, I would be a millionaire and it would be an easiest way to make money.

Be it Mary Kom bringing in 6th World championship Gold medal or Mrs. Debjani Ghosh appointed as the first president of NASSCOM, women are setting right role models for youngsters. Feminism or women empowerment  isn’t about raising our voices but also improving our standards. Invento Robotics has always been comfortable in women making decisions and taking a lead. “Women of Invento” doesn’t just signify women but it denotes the spirit of taking challenges by its horns and finding possibilities when everything looks barren. It is about finding the right mix of servitude and leadership.

The women of Invento

Mahalakshmi Radhakrushnan, COO of Invento robotics was applauded by SheThePeople.TV for her spirit of entrepreneurship and her go-getter inclination is evident in her way of thinking.

“Entrepreneurship is hard for everyone and for women, it is doubly harder. I’ll share my personal experience here. I had to manage a toddler full-time along with a startup and both had their own tantrums. I would say, stick on for a long time. Nothing big is going to come easy.

-Mahalakshmi RadhaKrushnan, COO of Invento Robotics


Read here to know her views on Mitra’s role in changing the landscape of visitor management, the uniqueness of its offerings and her field of vision on crucial topics like Women empowerment and women in technology.


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