I was excited when I got an intern offer at Invento Robotics. I never dreamt that I would work for a robotics company. But, finally, it happened.

My journey at Invento robotics started in the 2nd week of May and ended in the first week of July. 

These days passed very quickly. I worked on face recognition. Doing this project, my first task was to identify faces with as low as image dataset that uses deep neural networks to recognise faces. 

It was a 3 weeks long task but the experience of senior people helped me to figure it out very quickly. Balaji Viswanathan, the CEO Invento Robotics, helped me a lot throughout this process. 

Working with him taught me the difference between a college project and a company project and many other things that will prove to be very useful in future.

Harsha Teja share his internship experience with Invento Robotics

—–With Mitra during the Smartworks Event in Hyderabad—–

I got a chance to take Mitra to an event in Hyderabad. It was an amazing experience introducing our humanoid robot to corporates figures. To manage a big event with a robot like Mitra was easily a huge milestone in my life.

I completed my face recognition API and moved to Object Recognition. This was a big task because we needed a large number of datasets. 

The accuracy improved like 70–90 finally it is a good API that can recognise objects like Alcohol bottles. 

Last but not the least, I worked on speech recognition using some open-source techniques and was able to implement. 

With Balaji Viswanathan on the last day of my internship

With CEO of Invento Robotics – Balaji Viswanathan

As I said days passed very quickly and the end of my internship approached. It was a pleasure working with Invento Robotics. The office environment was supportive. I made many friends from different parts of India and also worked under a lot of experienced people. I would like to come back to Invento if I get an opportunity again.

Experience shared by our outgoing intern – Harsha Teja.