“The first rule of Hyderabad club is, you talk about Biriyani”

Aditya Birla’s Annual legal meet broke our stereotypical idea of Lawyers. When we see lawyers, we assume to be engrossed in planning for the next debate but Annual legal meet granted us the company of jubilant lawyers. The event began with Mitra talking about technological advancements in its own area as well the advancements in the legal companies. Mitra also became the virtual tour guide for people who were new to Hyderabad, Mitra seamlessly answered the questions on Hyderabad’s weather, the tourist locations, the best shopping places in the area and not to forget, the best places to eat biriyani.

Mitra effortlessly guided visitors about the event schedule, the talks and the brief description of the 29 renowned lawyers.

Kiran, a member of Aditya Birla legal team sent us a thoughtful testimonial.As evident from the video, she cannot contain her happiness.
It was a great joy to be a part of the legal meet and a greater one to be at the receiving end of this testimonial.