We have been experimenting with a variety of different robot designs at Invento. At least with the Indian customers, there has always been a preference for humanoids.

While we got advice from top Japanese and Chinese entrepreneurs that we should go for non-human designs, in our applications our customers didn’t want those.

Even in our current designs — the ones that are a little more closer to humans are preferred by our customers than the ones that are less anthropomorphic.

Pic one 1 is less human than pic 2, but the 2 is more preferred than 1.

MITRA and MITRI at Invento Robotics

MITRA and MITRI pose together.

From our experience deploying the robots in over a dozen locations permanently and over 100 locations temporarily, there is a distinct preference for humanoids among the consumers.

In our experience, people don’t want to converse with entities that don’t have some shape and form of humans.