Mitra robot is in a continuous state of development. We have already started deploying with various top brands operating at the bleeding edge of innovation. As of Oct 2018, we have 15 of them deployed in various locations and getting trained everyday in real life conditions.

Our deployed robots have the following functionalities:

  1. Patrolling with a fully autonomous indoor navigation — these could be used from security to customer engagement. We have a lot of key innovation in the hardware, including noiseless motion and a centimeter level precision of indoor positioning system. Children and adults test its endurance everyday and so far it is handling them all.
  2. Fully automate reception area with our in-house visitor management system. Our robots can distinguish employees from visitors, get visitors checked in with voice, place a call to the right host, recognise them the next time over face recognition, get feedback, given them assistance in the lobby area and provide a detailed dashboard analytics with demographics data to help companies do data centric reception management.
  3. Engaging with customers over voice. At this point we are able to answer 80% of the customer queries with specific content from the airports/malls/banks.
  4. Do event registration and engagement for major events. The cleaned up data can be pushed into Salesforce and other CRM integrations we provide.

Mitra robot at the code-a-thon event


In each of these cases we are operating at the cutting edge. As we get better manufacturing precision, master the processes for scaling and improve our backend systems, we are looking to drastically improve the product efficacy.

Over the next few weeks, we will announcing a range of new functionalities including in HR and workplace productivity. We will be unveiling a whole new Mitra 3 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas this January followed by the Prime Minister Modiji’s interaction at the Vibrant Gujarat.

Since we build both the hardware and software platforms, we are designing for modularity and allow for a range of attachments in the future — including carrying/moving things, getting connected to a vacuum cleaner etc.