I code, therefore I am.
– Every aspiring Programmer.
I remember a Quora user describing his experience of coding as “Imagine solving a puzzle or playing a video game. Do you know what it’s like to be on a roll? You solve all the puzzles, destroy that boss, and just keep going. It’s like a high.
Coding is pretty much puzzle-solving paired with basically creating something new, being creative.”
Code-a-thon is a coding competition that provides rising programmers with a thrill of solving a problem in limited hours. TechSparx, a training institute hosted Code-a-thon and it was a great sight to see the students brimming with excitement.

The poster of Code-a-thon

Mitra took up the role of  was an anchor and information disseminator at the event. Tech events are fun because they provide us with the right audience to inspire.

Mitra with Guest of honour at the code-a-thon.

Proving a smooth experience to the events have been our team’s strong suit and here is what Saravanan Ganesh, Managing director of TechSparx had to say about our team :

“Associating with Invento has been a pleasure to work with from day one!
I would like to thank Kaundinya for understanding our requirements. Giving us the use cases of MITRA and also understanding our budget constraints, reworking on it a couple of times and giving us the best price. Arranging MITRA to arrive 2 hours before the promised time is well appreciated considering the traffic and technical issues.
A special thanks to Phanindra and Raghu who were quick enough to understand the need on the day of CODE-A-THON-2018 and quickly making the changes to make a difference to the event. The best part was when MITRA was ready to wish a participant since it was her birthday and giving a complete description about the chief guest and walking amidst 100 participants and aligning itself for a group made a lot of difference to our event. Phanindra’s situational brilliance is commendable!
Thanks to the Invento team for creating this wonderful inspirational MITRA which has inspired the minds of 100s of people who attended the code-a-thon”.