We hire interns from a variety of backgrounds. Three key qualities we look in interns are: intellectual horsepower, curiosity and humility. Here is the video of this year’s interns: Invento Robotics.

For our engineering roles we take students from CS, electronics and mechanical. For business roles, we take either from B-school or students who are extremely passionate about sales & marketing in their college fests.

This summer we hired interns from IIM Lucknow, IIT Kanpur, VIT, BITS Pilani, IIT Guwahati, North Carolina State University, Georgia Tech, IIIT Kanchipuram, Thapar University, Kakatiya University, VVIT and a student heading to Cornell. We are also interviewing students from Israel and Mexico for the fall internship.

We are quite happy with what they have done and many of the stuff they built in internship will be getting into the production soon. This is one key way in which we differentiate our program.

Here is what they worked on this year:

Computer vision: 4

Speech and Language: 4

Navigation and positioning: 3

Embedded systems and hardware: 4

Sales and marketing: 2

We like a diverse mix from a variety of backgrounds and we love smart students who can appreciate complexity, can say I don’t know whey don’t know, can put their full commitment and can go deeper beyond their comfort zone.

You can apply for the internship here: Invento job application