Indian Retail and eRetail Congress 2019 will witness some of the never seen before retail tech demonstrations that will dominate the retail sector, especially offline, heavily in coming years.

Each year, almost all major retailers and ecommerce giants of the country gather to understand and ‘shop’ for new and upcoming technologies. Not only that, this event has built a reputation of being the biggest stage to introduce new trends as well. 

And, this year is not going to be any different as it prepares itself to introduce a new dimension to the idea of using robotics in the retail sector with a real business value. 

Humanoid robots, as we all know, have been around for a long time now. Ones that exist today are awesome piece of tech and advancements are happening continously as ideas mature. However, that being said, one of the strong opinions that most people have had is about the real use of these humanoids.

Humanoids talk, move around, can imitate facial expressions, host TV shows, team up with Hollywood celebrities to create a wave on social media. But, skepticism about their real & long term utility has shrouded the novelty factor heavily in recent times. Fortunately, such perceptions are all set to witness a change. 



IReC 2019 is all set to be the trendsetter as it prepares to introduce humanoid robots to the real world of business.


  • Experiential Retail, REIMAGINED!
  • Upskilling Retail Talent In Digital Age
  • Where Retail Innovation Happens?
  • Where START-UPS & RISING STARS Are Celebrated

No wonder this event is aiming to set – up a road map for the upcoming year. Factors like digital payments, retail innovation, upskilling have been something that has been discussed about for sometime now. In fact, digital payment is a common form of transaction in India.

However, the discussions and opinions on experential retail is something to lookout for.

It was barely a year ago when we saw the opening of the first cashier-less store – Watasale in India. This innovative concept, which was first ideated and executed by Amazon, and called – Amazon Go is a prime example of digital forms of tech marrying offline retail to create a whole new experience altogether. Globally, plans to open up such store are in the pipeline and soon we may find them become as common as our neighbourhood supermarket in India as well.

Experential retail will also shed a big focus on humanoid robots. Retailers are expected to show interest in playing around with the idea of humnoids on their shopping floor to experiment with idea of implementing digital coupons, personalised in-store offers offers and walk-in counts and other techs in an unique way.

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