Events are a big business.

From activating brands to trade shows and exhibitions – event management – the industry that strives to create experiences, is expected to be valued at over 10,000 crores by FY 2020-21. This estimated figures looks very tall as opposed to the Rs 6610 crores valuation the industry earned in the FY 2017/2018.

The industry owes majority of this constaant growth to the infuse of technology and innovative ideas in recent times. With the advent of the digitisation theme, which majorly focusses on using out-of-the-box tech to attract and actively engage crowd, event managers have found a golden way of winning over hearts (and loyalty) of their big spending clients- robots and drones.

Since the last two years, there has been an meteoric rise in the use of the two products. Robots of all kind – toy-sized, humanoids, kiosks with ability or navigate have become more or less a common sight in the Indian event management landscape. Same goes with the drones as event managers continue to dive deep into the variety of use cases available. Using unique technologies is the only way event organisers can boost the return on their investment.

Venues can also benefit due to the use of such rising technologies which do no demand lot of efforts to maintain. Most of the venues provide lighting and manpower mostly. Adding robots and drones services can add a whole new revenue stream for them and reduce a lot of headache for event organisers as well.