Start-ups playing in the food delivery segment have been vying to bring their services in a more convenient way to the food courts/cafe areas in tech parks.

Workplaces have become no less than a mini-ecosystems in itself with the development of technology parks around the world. Major companies, well aware of this fact and bound by their corporate responsiblity, have done everything possible to keep workplaces as innovative and. happening as possible.

One of the core focus areas in the minds of these tech park has been that one corner (pretty large ones) that attracts close to 1000 employees and witnesses high traffic during lunch hours and tea breaks and demand constant innovation in the menu offerings and the way food is served and also the kind of food which is served.

Zomato, with its latest aquisition of Tongustun – a start-up that standarises food court/cafe areas operations in tech parks, has ventured into the area of digitising the cafes.

What idea did they have?

The primary idea is to cut down on the time wasted by the employees due to long queues in food courts/ cafe areas while presenting the employees with a better range of options and discounts.

How are they planning to execute?

With the help of robots!

Check out the pictures:

Zomato at Cognizant with Mitra Robot


Zomato at Cognizant by Mitra Robot



Zomato at Cognizant with Mitra Robot