World AI show : The prologue

"Going global" isn't a catchy phrase at all,since every organization these days is stepping into international market. Going global is more about state of mind that helps one fine tune leadership strategies and decision making in context of global awareness. We have been a part of Customer Electronics Show 2019, Las Vegas. C.E.S brought us [...]

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A brief on IAS team visit to Invento Robotics.

On the account of 70th Republic day, we had 18 diligent IAS members visiting our office as a part of their study tour Bharat Darshan . The tour provides IAS trainees an exclusive chance to savor the diversity of India. The tour has been inspired by Mahatma Gandhi's Bharat Yatra. As part of tour, the team [...]

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Unlocking our potential at Vibrant Gujarat Summit.

Entrepreneurship and Startups are the buzzwords these days. They live up to their hype because startups are the hub of innovations.It is a great confidence booster that the country is placing is faith in young innovators and providing them with financial backing,mentoring and networking opportunities to bring their ideas to life.The growth of a country [...]

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The omnipresence of AI

What comes to your mind when you hear Artificial Intelligence(AI)? For non-technicals, AI seems like a high-end technology very few superbrains use dabble into. The reality couldn't be farther from it, whether you are a school going kid or a doctor, you are using AI. Our routines are permeated by AI. Here are a few [...]

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Is sentiment analysis shaping the retail?

Humans are a stack of emotions at the end of the day. Advertising sells because it appeals to the masses emotionally. They weave a story that perfectly fits our worldview and nudges us into buying their products. Digital era has given us an opportunity to make our products go viral but at the same time, [...]

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Invento succeeds again at delivering the best experience.

I code, therefore I am. - Every aspiring Programmer. I remember a Quora user describing his experience of coding as "Imagine solving a puzzle or playing a video game. Do you know what it's like to be on a roll? You solve all the puzzles, destroy that boss, and just keep going. It's like a high. [...]

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Quest for visitor engagement at Quest Ingenuium.

Quest Ingenium's tagline "What's your quest?" explains their emphasis on giving a gentle push to budding innovators.  Quest Ingenium is an initiative by Quest Global designed to find and reward engineering projects only from the top notch colleges, but also targets the tier 2 to tier N college. Ingenium has become one of the primary National forums [...]

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The transition of Hitachi to Hikoki

2018 has been a brand transformation year for Hitachi. The president of Hitachi koki, Mr.Osami Maehara,Japan announced that from October 2018 the company would be known as "HiKoki".The name changes are in line with the company's ambitious international growth strategy, aimed at ensuring sustainable growth while expanding business in the nearly 100 countries in Hitachi Koki's global [...]

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