Automation will result in a boom of new, more exciting jobs

Rejecting new technologies/products initially for the fear of being replaced by it is a phenomenon that still happens in many “high-skill” industries. Electric bulbs, Airplanes, Personal computers, Mobile phones are some of the most popular innovations that faced such one sided cricticism. They were not thought to be successes or were outrightly rejected as useful [...]

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How can robots bring more productivity reduce less repetitive tasks in restaurants?

Over the last couple of decades, various industries have slowly transitioned to robotics and the restaurant industry has been no different.  The robotics disruption, although yet to happen in a full-fledged fashion, is already in news.  The rush to gain maximum business is as usual in the industry known for its cut-throat competition. Therefore, restaurants [...]

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Here’s how robots can add a new dimension to “smart stores”

The retail sector has emerged as one of the largest sectors of the Indian economy. Various emerging factors like the development of e-commerce in the 2nd and 3rd tier cities and the increase in the consumer expenditure capacity can be termed as the biggest driver of this growth.  This upsurge is set to continue exponentially [...]

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Robots’ work: Let’s bid adieu to dull, dirty and dangerous jobs

The world is still sceptical of robots in our homes, workplaces and war zones. But, an increasing number of robotic inventions are continually saving time, resources and lives around the world. In other words, saving us from dull, dirty and dangerous jobs.   Robots are built for a diverse range of functions and purposes. Industrial robots, service [...]

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How robots can help in banking & finance?

We see a lot of potential for robots in the banking & finance industry. The two key factors behind this assumption are the increasing adoption rate, increasing improvements in AI and machine learning. A few months ago RBI asked me to give a talk to the bank MDs and top executives on the potential for robotics [...]

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Who will be buying the burgers that are going to be cooked and served by robots?

I get this kind of question all the time. Since I run a robotics company people come and ask me if I would take away their jobs. There is often a visceral fear of robotics and automation. I get it. Jobs are important and the foundation of our economy. However, people similarly feared about computers [...]

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