Personalization : The holy grail of retail.

Last week we had a visitor at work narrating his experience at a popular clothing outlet. The half hour rant included sheer difficulty to find the section he was looking for and then running around to catch hold of someone who would suggest clothes of his preference. Lets be honest, shopping is confusing and time-consuming. [...]

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Our experience at World AI show

The worst part of World AI show was that it ended. If you're clueless and need an introduction to World AI Show, you can do a quick catch up here It would be true if we said that World AI show has been nothing short of an information mine. With great keynotes and discussions lined [...]

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Invento is hiring! Join Us!

Invento is entering its phase 2 of life — with scaling after a recent funding round. We are about 28 people now and looking to double headcount in the next few months. If you are interested in joining, this is a sweetspot for the company as the company is neither as chaotic as tiny startup [...]

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A brief on IAS team visit to Invento Robotics.

On the account of 70th Republic day, we had 18 diligent IAS members visiting our office as a part of their study tour Bharat Darshan . The tour provides IAS trainees an exclusive chance to savor the diversity of India. The tour has been inspired by Mahatma Gandhi's Bharat Yatra. As part of tour, the team [...]

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Unlocking our potential at Vibrant Gujarat Summit.

Entrepreneurship and Startups are the buzzwords these days. They live up to their hype because startups are the hub of innovations.It is a great confidence booster that the country is placing is faith in young innovators and providing them with financial backing,mentoring and networking opportunities to bring their ideas to life.The growth of a country [...]

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Sin City to host Mitra Robot at the CES 2019 gadget extravaganza

CES 2019 is just a couple of weeks away and major tech companies from all over the world are revving up to showcase their innovations. Just like every year, Vegas will see a deluge of new gadgets which will not fail to impress us, for sure. All the latest and smartest in wearables, TV and [...]

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Not all superwomen wear capes : Women of Invento

If I had a dollar for every time a woman proved the orthodoxical society wrong, I would be a millionaire and it would be an easiest way to make money. Be it Mary Kom bringing in 6th World championship Gold medal or Mrs. Debjani Ghosh appointed as the first president of NASSCOM, women are setting [...]

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Automation will result in a boom of new, more exciting jobs

Rejecting new technologies/products initially for the fear of being replaced by it is a phenomenon that still happens in many “high-skill” industries. Electric bulbs, Airplanes, Personal computers, Mobile phones are some of the most popular innovations that faced such one sided cricticism. They were not thought to be successes or were outrightly rejected as useful [...]

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