Automation will result in a boom of new, more exciting jobs

Rejecting new technologies/products initially for the fear of being replaced by it is a phenomenon that still happens in many “high-skill” industries. Electric bulbs, Airplanes, Personal computers, Mobile phones are some of the most popular innovations that faced such one sided cricticism. They were not thought to be successes or were outrightly rejected as useful ideas.

However, we all know what happened initial stage of doubtfulness. All of these technologies/products are part of our day to day life now, some of them are must haves, in fact.

Another era of automation, which was the Indutrial boom which took birth in the Europe and spread rapidly later on, saw decline of less skilled jobs but millions of other better jobs were created at the same time. We can talk about computers and even ATM machines in the same fashion.

Such technological changes, which tends to happen time to time, brings a positive change.

The field of robotics and automation is undergoing a similar phase of skepticism currently. The fear of job replacement is a major topic and robots still are far from being perceived as tools of productivity and innovation in general.

Quality jobs and workforce transition

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Jobs in most of developed countries are said to be twice as vulnerable as compared to developing countries and poor ones. Which is true as poor economic condition can be hurdle in implementation of automation. 

However, South Korea can be termed as great example of adaptation. Manufacturing, the type of job which is most prone to automation, makes up for 30 per cent of the jobs among Koreans. However, Koreans have found a way to combine both the factors and live without having any negative perception. Most of the easy tasks have already been handed over to machines while they focus more on the important managerial tasks in the organisation.

Sooner or later, organisational structures will tend to get modified to suit the change just like what is continuing to happen in South Korea.  New roles may come up consequently involving less repetitive tasks and more decision making powers. After all, there was no such thing as an app developer or a social media manager or even top level position like CIO in the main stream job market 15 years ago.

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