The role of robotics in rescue management

At present robots cannot do much in terms of rescue on their own. But, I believe there is a whole range of robots that enable disaster rescue missions over the next ten years. In fact, one of the key themes of this year’s XPrize is that: The $10M ANA Avatar XPRIZE The conventional methods used [...]

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How robots can help in banking & finance?

We see a lot of potential for robots in the banking & finance industry. The two key factors behind this assumption are the increasing adoption rate, increasing improvements in AI and machine learning. A few months ago RBI asked me to give a talk to the bank MDs and top executives on the potential for robotics [...]

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How to teach coding to your 10 year old?

I started coding around that age [about 12] and one of the things that helped me was being part of a right group. The kid needs to belong to the right group — where the other kids energise and motivate rather than seeing coding as something uncool.  Pull your children away from those with a [...]

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