A brief on IAS team visit to Invento Robotics.

On the account of 70th Republic day, we had 18 diligent IAS members visiting our office as a part of their study tour Bharat Darshan . The tour provides IAS trainees an exclusive chance to savor the diversity of India. The tour has been inspired by Mahatma Gandhi's Bharat Yatra. As part of tour, the team [...]

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Not all superwomen wear capes : Women of Invento

If I had a dollar for every time a woman proved the orthodoxical society wrong, I would be a millionaire and it would be an easiest way to make money. Be it Mary Kom bringing in 6th World championship Gold medal or Mrs. Debjani Ghosh appointed as the first president of NASSCOM, women are setting [...]

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Learning through our design experiments

We have been experimenting with a variety of different robot designs at Invento. At least with the Indian customers, there has always been a preference for humanoids. While we got advice from top Japanese and Chinese entrepreneurs that we should go for non-human designs, in our applications our customers didn’t want those. Even in our [...]

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Boosting the “smart” in “Smart Works”

The unspoken rule of business is "If you keep your customers waiting, you don't care about them enough". How often is that we are waiting at the reception desk to register ourselves? How likely is it to dampen our experience? How likely are we to visit the place again? Making processes seamless for visitors is [...]

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Here’s how robots can add a new dimension to “smart stores”

The retail sector has emerged as one of the largest sectors of the Indian economy. Various emerging factors like the development of e-commerce in the 2nd and 3rd tier cities and the increase in the consumer expenditure capacity can be termed as the biggest driver of this growth.  This upsurge is set to continue exponentially [...]

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Mitra hobnobs with corporate and political biggies during the Goa IT Day

Mitra recently made its presence felt among 100+ key names from the corporate and political world during the Goa IT day event held at Panaji on July 14th and 15th. For long, Goa has been known as India’s global party destination. However, the star of India’s tourist map is now ready to embrace a totally [...]

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Case Story: A store launch turned into a massive success with robots

Marketing is about creativity. Whichever brand does things in the most unique manner, wins the brand race.  There are a number of examples which can elaborate on his fact further. Running flash mobs, quirky posters on highways and public places, memorable ad campaigns on television as well as social media campaigns serve the purpose of grabbing the [...]

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The socially responsible humanoid – Mitra

Mitra recently made its presence felt in four different corners of India - New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. From promoting women empowerment to sharing the stage with state and international level leaders to displaying its abilities at a tech summit to becoming a part of a major private sector bank - all of these happened [...]

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What is the difference between Pepper robot of Softbank and Mitra robot?

Pepper is indeed the closest to Mitra in our category. It is a beautiful robot built through a decade of hard work by Aldebaran and later acquired by Softbank. They have been around for a long time, have a lot of global brand recognition and is a much-matured product. However, Pepper robot has a few [...]

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The difficulty in building great hardware

One of the things people ask is why can’t we hire an artist and build a nicer robot design. If only building hardware was as simple as that. We had multiple artists working full time with us. We hired one of the best product design firms in the country. And they have helped us greatly [...]

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