Sin City to host Mitra Robot at the CES 2019 gadget extravaganza

CES 2019 is just a couple of weeks away and major tech companies from all over the world are revving up to showcase their innovations. Just like every year, Vegas will see a deluge of new gadgets which will not fail to impress us, for sure. All the latest and smartest in wearables, TV and [...]

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Not all superwomen wear capes : Women of Invento

If I had a dollar for every time a woman proved the orthodoxical society wrong, I would be a millionaire and it would be an easiest way to make money. Be it Mary Kom bringing in 6th World championship Gold medal or Mrs. Debjani Ghosh appointed as the first president of NASSCOM, women are setting [...]

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6000 visitors throng Reliance Corporate Park to interact with Mitra

Do you know that Mitra has acquired a new nickname these days? It’s “Mr Encyclopaedia” And, it’s not without any reason.  If you acquire an ability to know just about anything, what would your peers call you? Interaction with more than 6000 visitors Mitra was invited to the Reliance Corporate Park, a facility spread over [...]

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Teaching Mitra to Understand Human Body Language

A funny lesson in humility If we want to have more intuitive conversations with robots, the robots will have to learn to understand what we are saying. So far this problem has almost exclusively been a natural language processing (NLP) problem, and some of the largest research groups in the world from Google to Baidu [...]

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My internship experience at Invento – Part 2

Before I had taken up this internship at Invento Robotics, I had read about the Mitra robot after the GES 2017. I wondered how the developers would be working. I simply assumed that maybe a team of 150-200 highly skilled developers would be behind this product.  But, my first day at Invento took me by [...]

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Here’s how you can one get an internship in Invento

We hire interns from a variety of backgrounds. Three key qualities we look for in interns are intellectual horsepower, curiosity and humility. Here is the video of this year’s interns: Invento Robotics. For our engineering roles, we take students from CS, electronics and mechanical. For business roles, we take either from B-school or students who [...]

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AI & Robotics trends last week

A lot of things happened in the world of AI & Robotics last week. Here’s a brief look at some of the major news and developments.  Read on... China and Dubai deploy robots to give a feel of future. The global city of Dubai has introduced Robocops in its police fleet. The creators of the [...]

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What is the difference between Pepper robot of Softbank and Mitra robot?

Pepper is indeed the closest to Mitra in our category. It is a beautiful robot built through a decade of hard work by Aldebaran and later acquired by Softbank. They have been around for a long time, have a lot of global brand recognition and is a much-matured product. However, Pepper robot has a few [...]

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How to teach coding to your 10 year old?

I started coding around that age [about 12] and one of the things that helped me was being part of a right group. The kid needs to belong to the right group — where the other kids energise and motivate rather than seeing coding as something uncool.  Pull your children away from those with a [...]

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An argument with a Japanese Entrepreneur. Building a lean hardware start-up.

During the Nasscom Emerge 50 awards [India has the world’s third-largest startup base–meet the product firms exhibiting at NASSCOM Product Conclave 2017] I got into an argument with a Japanese entrepreneur. He was a bit unhappy that we were not able to make it to the CEATEC expo [missed due to a visa issue] that [...]

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