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Hi! I am Aatmajyoti and I work with Invento robotics as a marketing executive. When I am not working I'm digging up the internet for the cool innovations and technologies. I aspire to bring helpful and informative articles to you. If you have any ideas or requests please contact me at [email protected] and for tech-savvy discussions, Join me on twitter @invento_tech and @mitrarobot. Viva la innovation!!

A lovely testimonial from Insurance Group Managers

Recently, we had rental request from American Insurance Group(A.I.G) and Mitra played a key role in helping them create awareness on Digital transformation. It was an exhilarating event to say at least and we had lot of enthusiastic people conversing with Mitra and taking pictures. Here is what the Senior digital transformation engineers of A.I.G [...]

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Mitra in the Glamour of Social Media Summit Awards.

Social Media Summit & Awards is a massive national movement started to connect people, content and extended conversations around emerging trends in media, importantly social media which is now one of world’s biggest medium to communicate, promote and develop individually as a community. This year it was hosted in Amravati,Hyderabad.The summit has witnessed leading actors, [...]

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Freudenberg CEO’s take on Mitra.

Freudenberg's Post-DIALOG event focuses on various things namely digitalization ,bringing young innovators together, Freudenberg Innovation Gallery,walking innovation stalls .Also, evoking speeches on burning topics like "why the future begins", "the future Vs today" and "Embracing change" were an eye opener. Mitra greeted the visitors and talked about the agenda of event. Mitra shared witty exchanges with [...]

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The curious case of Mitra in Myntra

Me: Well, we have an upcoming event with Myntra? Friend: But what is Mitra robot is going to do in Myntra? To give you the context Myntra is one of the leading e-commerce fashion sites in India. We were approached for the OnePulse event. Myntra celebrates OnePulse week to bring their employees together, listen to [...]

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What was our talk at Swissnex India about?

Swissnex India connects Switzerland and India in science, education, art and innovation by hosting discussions that involve myriad topics. They cover areas like promoting maker culture, digitalizing agriculture, startups, building smart cities, robo revolutions, gaming tours, musical collaborations and also creating awareness on epilepsy Amit Tripathy, VP products at Invento Robotics was one of the key members [...]

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Mitra’s felicitation at Bhamashah technohub inauguration

Rajasthan Government has launched India's biggest startup incubation space "Bhamashah technohub" to promote the entrepreneurial spirit. Apart from getting space, 700 startups will get free funding and end-to-end support here. It also houses a digital museum and tinkering labs to promote DIY projects. On Thursday, CM Vasundhara Raje inaugurated the technohub and Mitra remained one [...]

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Are we embracing the robotics revolution?

Every morning I open my mail, I see my Google alert feed full of updates on AI, Robotics, Machine learning and NLP. For example, Softbank's pepper robot, Japan’s furry robotic seal to assist elderly population or Sony’s robotic puppy that wags tail when you caress it. Artificial intelligence is growing by leaps and bounds but [...]

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Is Artificial intimacy just a concept?

"I am not a robot. I am a human and I have feelings" motto has been popular since ages stereotyping robots as mean, cold and computing machines. We are accustomed to robots using deductive logic and probabilities. Critically acclaimed movies like "Her" and "Wall-E" have shown robots in a different light with human prized emotions like love and [...]

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AI to bring down WhatsApp hoax messages.

We live in an era of limited attention span, whoever grabs customer's attention wins the "views and likes" game. Sadly, this has deteriorated the quality of content we come across. The content is exaggerated, emotionally stirring and in particular targets topics like politics, race, religion and culture. There have been a lynching, violent attacks over [...]

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Are we about to bid adieu to chatbots?

  If you've ever visited a website and had a live-chat customer service or had a conversation with Siri/Cortana you've experienced a chatbot, Chatbots are used in dialogue systems to disseminate information. The popular reasons why chatbots became famous were the friendlier interface and 24x7 customer assistance they provided businesses with. Though chatbots have transformed [...]

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